Union Avatars join the Metaverse Standards Forum

29 de July de 2022

Union Avatars join the Metaverse Standards Forum

Union Avatars join the Metaverse Standards Forum to promote interoperability

The newly created Metaverse Standards Forum is a governing organization with the objective of promoting agreement on the needs and specifications for Metaverse interoperability standards. The foundations of an open Metaverse will be provided by businesses and organizations that take part in the fundamental standards.

Union Avatars will work with other businesses from diverse sectors as principal members to accelerate the implementation of Metaverse standards. We are optimistic that the Metaverse Standard Forum will promote the growth and expansion of the Metaverse and Web3, as interoperability is one of the major concerns in the early phases of the Metaverse business.

Global tech companies, including Epic Games, Nvidia, Google and Microsoft among others are already part of the forum.

At Union Avatars we are currently working on the integration towards web3 through the launch of UnionID, a decentralized digital identity project with which users will be able to have a totally secure identification system with absolute control of their privacy, which will also allow interoperability and portability of our assets between different platforms.

We’ll be back soon with some equally exciting news. Stay tuned!

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